I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams - world premiere

“Conductor Maria Sensi Sellner navigated the frequent meter changes and sudden interruptions of rhythm with skill and subtly, supporting the constantly evolving dramatic conversations.” - L. Pritchard, The Boston Musical Intelligencer


St. John Passion

“Prepare to be moved by Bach’s St. John Passion… This concert represents how Sellner so expertly crafts programs showcasing such masterworks. Sellner’s artists are talented, established and rising stars; they are expressive actors, committed to the audience as well as their art… Oratorios of this scope are tackled only by choirs and organizations that can truly deliver the solo, orchestral, and chorale goods, and Resonance Works fits that bill.” - Y. Hudson, Pittsburgh in the Round

A Joyous Sound

“Effervescent, nostalgic, fresh and full of light, A Joyous Sound from Resonance Works Pittsburgh is all that a delightful holiday gift should be.” - Y. Hudson, Pittsburgh in the Round

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Hart Institute for Women Conductors at the Dallas Opera

“hardly glancing at the singers, Maria Sensi Sellner just seemed to know what they were going to do, and to provide just the right support. The American conductor also smartly managed the contrasting moods of Tchaikovsky's Mazeppa Overture”
— Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

ON THE TOWN in concert

“The maestro is Resonance Works Founder and Artistic Director Maria Sensi Sellner, plying her precision and passion to this rare portion of Bernstein’s catalog. Sellner’s vision has again brought audiences a performance to treasure to kick off this ‘On the Shoulder of Giants’ season.” — Yvonne Hudson, Pittsburgh in the Round


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Dvorak’s RUSALKA

“Sensi Sellner displayed keen insight into the music that tells the tale of human and supernatural worlds on a multi-layered collision course of emotions.”
— George Parous, Pittsburgh in the Round


“a stunning site-specific experience born of a well-conceived partnership with Homewood Cemetery”

“In the warmth of the restored chapel Artistic Director and Founder Maria Sensi Sellner then conducted an artistic and emotional journey indeed pointed “towards eternity,” … The resulting 90 musical minutes were indeed evocative of life and death with voices and instruments that alternately dwelt in the possibilities throughout diverse works.”

“Sellner’s setting this piece and the entire program in such a perfectly evocative and reverent place demonstrates the intuitive creativity at the heart of the Resonance mission.” — Yvonne Hudson, Pittsburgh in the Round


HHOT EIixir.jpg


"I can’t remember ever having so much fun at an opera...Conductor Maria Sensi Sellner, who also served as Artistic Advisor, is inspired and astonishingly versatile, and her orchestra was nothing short of sensational." — Roseann Cane, Berkshire on Stage

Hubbard Hall finds right formula for 'Elixir of Love'

"Not only is Hubbard Hall Opera Company’s production of the “The Elixir of Love” a wonderful professional offering of a delightful comic opera, it is probably one of the most charming entertainment experiences you can have this season." — Bob Goepfort, The Troy Record

As Acting Music Director of the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh

Production of Bach's 'St. John Passion' rich, bold

"The Mendelssohn Choir was divided to serve double duty. The smaller group was mid-stage on the left side, and had superb dramatic thrust. The larger group was spread across the back of the stage and was magnificent in Bach's chorales." — Mark Kanny, Pittsburgh Tribune Review


Pittsburgh Symphony's 'Messiah' culminates in majestic splendor

"The Mendelssohn Choir ... was very well prepared by its acting music director, Maria Sensi Sellner, and sang with admirable clarity, balance and tone. Each section, the sopranos, altos, tenors and basses, was fully articulate. From the alto entrance in the first chorus, “And the glory of the Lord,” and through other beloved sections, such as “For unto us a child is born” and “All we like sheep have gone astray,” straight through to the lengthy final “Amen,” the choir was superb in projecting the words with clear rich textures." — Mark Kanny, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

the public domain

Weekend Edition Sunday, August 14, 2016 — NPR's Jeff Lunden reports on his experience as a singer in Maria's Orange group for the world premiere of David Lang’s "the public domain" at Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival

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"the most fun at an opera you will ever have!" The Pittsburgh Tatler

Resonance Works Elixir of Love: Immerse Yourself in Comic Delight!

"They take an ecumenical approach to the classical repertoire, taking on opera, choral, orchestral works and more. They are showing how to achieve great things with modest forces, in a way that doesn’t feel like anything is missing. I’m excited to see what they do next!" — Miss Music Nerd


Rossini Opera an Unqualified Success

“The crisp, polished overture prepared us for a special evening of opera. The 17 pieces played as an absolute unit under the complete control of conductor Maria Sensi Sellner. The tempi were brisk throughout, and Sellner supported the singers with a sure hand, drawing incisive resonant playing in excellent balance with the singers.” — C. Buchanan, Berkshire Fine Arts

Gorgeous Singing, Fun Staging of “The Barber of Seville” from Hubbard Hall Opera in Cambridge, NY

"It was easy to fall in love with the orchestra ... the quality of the sound that conductor Maria Sensi Sellner was able to yield from her musicians was nothing short of incredible." — L. Murray, Berkshire on Stage


"Maria Sensi Sellner led with authority, using a clean beat, choosing excellent tempi and showing admirable sensitivity to the singers." — Mark Kanny, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

"Conductor Maria Sensi Sellner held the small chamber orchestra together clearly and with elegant poise, delivering a performance both accurate and rife with musicality" — C. Kriegeskotte, Operapulse


Solon Center's intimate "Traviata" seizes eyes and ears

"the orchestra, seated onstage behind the singers, gave a lucid account of Verdi’s score in a reduced version led with flexible assurance by Maria Sensi Sellner.”  — Donald Rosenberg, The Cleveland Plain Dealer


‘Orpheus’ operetta gets down and dirty at the Strand

“... it’s hard not to love a production in which Orpheus’s girlfriend, Maquilla (Erika Mitchell), shoots Eurydice and then ditches the murder weapon with the conductor (Maria Sensi Sellner). Or in which the men form a kick line to do the cancan... The orchestra, under Sellner, is sterling, and so is the chorus of Olympian deities singing “To arms” (with allusions to the “Marseillaise”) and demanding the right to go to hell. The Devil, it seems, really does have all the best tunes.”J. Gantz, The Boston Globe