Praise for the St. John Passion

“St. John Passion” And The Passionate Journey of Resonance Works
“This concert represents how Sellner so expertly crafts programs showcasing such masterworks. Sellner’s artists are talented, established and rising stars; they are expressive actors, committed to the audience as well as their art... Oratorios of this scope are tackled only by choirs and organizations that can truly deliver the solo, orchestral, and choral goods, and Resonance Works fits that bill.” - Pittsburgh in the Round

Audience reaction:
“This was astonishingly good Bach. Very well done.”

 “I was not prepared for how moving the St. John Passion was. Even without staging, the drama and stakes of the story were palpable.”

“This performance was one of my highlights forever!  The quality of the production, including all performers, the interpretation, the expressiveness was wonderful.”

“Deeply moving performance!”

“Thank you so, so much for doing this. It can be hard to find Bach passions at all, let alone to find one of such fine quality. I was brought to tears many times.”

Maria Sensi Sellner